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Cloud CRM App for Marketing, Sales and Service

CRM systems, such as Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for Marketing, Sales and Service, are data-driven Customer Relationship Management applications that can materially improve how you interact with customers to achieve win-win outcomes. Microsoft CRM offers a reliable and flexible solution for managing customers, integrating processes and leveraging customer data.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM employs a number of AI-based tools to help you optimize marketing, sales and customer service processes and connections. Without an automated CRM system to track and analyze customer information and facilitate timely and productive engagements, you will likely miss critical revenue and growth opportunities, or worse… lose customers to your competitors.

Microsoft CRM works seamlessly with ther Microsoft apps, can be integrated with other applications and customized to meet your requirements. ASCENTREN has vast experience in planning, developing, customizing and implementing CRM which can ensure that your project is a success. Continue reading to learn more about Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Engagement, or contact us for a free assessment.


Microsoft CRM for marketing chart

Elevate Experiences

  • Personalize Experiences Across Channels
  • AI Segmentation, Actionable Insights
  • Personalize Customer Experiences
  • Secure High-Value Prospects
  • Maximize Impact and ROI


Dynamics 365 CRM for sales target

Supercharge Leads

  • AI-Capable Customer Data / Intelligence
  • Drive Sales on a Modern Platform
  • Engage Prospects, Smarter
  • Automate Leads-to-Closing
  • Accelerate Execution


Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer connections

Leverage Connections

  • Anticipate Needs, Reveal Opportunities
  • Timely, Relevant Customer Data
  • AI-driven Insights & Analytics
  • Proactive Resource Allocation
  • Boost & Secure Retention

Boost Performance with Power Platform

We offer consulting and implementation services for Microsoft's Power Platform, a solution for easy process automation, user-app creation and AI-driven business intelligence development. Learn more about Power Platform.

Get What You Need

Dynamics 365 is highly scalable and integrates natively with other Microsoft apps

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of apps, you can license and install only the modules you need, rather than purchasing an expensive software package that includes apps you don't need. If your focus is CRM, the most common modules licensed are Sales, Marketing and Service. This not only helps you save on total project costs, it simplifies the implementation process and reduces risks associated with integration.

Dynamics 365 for Sales, Marketing and Service is scalable and integrates natively with common apps such as Office 365 including Outlook, Word, and Excel. The user interface is familiar - users adapt quickly, leading to higher usage rates.


Dynamics 365 for Sales drives productivity and user adoption. Dynamics CRM software supports your sales team by providing the most effective tools for managing every stage of the sales cycle, giving fast access to data so your sales team can work efficiently and spend more time selling.


Dynamics 365 for Marketing provides professionals with robust data cleansing and segmentation tools, campaign management features, and insightful marketing analytics to improve effectiveness of marketing programs, and track key metrics. Dynamics CRM tools include a holistic, comprehensive set of marketing capabilities so you can target potential customers and track conversions more effectively.

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Service offers advanced capabilities which can help you deliver superior customer service while reducing costs, and improving retention. With Dynamics CRM, customer information is available with case management, service history and support knowledge accessible by customer service reps and supervisors, giving them the ability to deliver consistent, efficient service for improved customer loyalty and profitability.

Partner with Microsoft® Certified Consultants & Developers

ASCENTREN can partner with you to leverage the power of Microsoft CRM to provide your organization with the tools and capabilities it needs to create, and maintain, a clear picture of customers – from first contact through purchase, and post-sales support. Dynamics 365 CRM can effectively manage lead capture from multiple channels, enable management of your sales cycle, define target markets and track each campaign’s success.

  • Drive sales productivity, user adoption and consistent best practices
  • Deliver impactful marketing campaigns and consistent communication
  • Improve customer satisfaction and service effectiveness

We use a proven methodology which guides every step of the implementation. We gather requirements, manage project documents, complete system development, provide integration services and deliver the final Microsoft CRM solution to your specifications.

Ready to Talk?

Involving ASCENTREN at the beginning of a CRM project can help you avoid common, and costly, pitfalls during development and implementation. Learn about our experience and readiness to develop an effective Customer Engagement CRM solution for your business or organization. We are ready to listen and help you with the adoption of an AI-driven solution.

Contact us for a no-cost Dynamics 365 CRM or Power Platform demo, to explore licensing options, or to request a proposal.

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