CRM Customization

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be modified to meet your specific business needs. Whether it is a few small changes supporting a rapid CRM deployment, or advanced CRM application development, our CRM consulting and development team works with you to design and customize a CRM solution for your organization.

ASCENTREN certified consultants have many years of custom CRM engagements across all functions within a business, including sales, marketing, service, HR, finance, and operations. Further, our experts bring a deep understanding of the realities of doing business within many different industries and can help you elevate every part of your business with custom applications. Partnering with you, we can:

  • Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce with other software and third-party solutions.
  • Quickly automate business processes.
  • Customize and control data access for advanced security.
  • Build rich integrations across your organization with Web services.

“…lower training costs, decrease ramp-up time, and limit user frustrations, resulting in greater user adoption which is one of the primary keys”

Business Process Automation

Many companies face obstacles in fully integrating business process automation CRM solutions into their organizations. Automation truly is a high value proposition for our clients, so we undertake quickly identifying and clearly defining those obstacles, then proceed in a partnership with you to eliminate them, as both CRM platforms are designed to synthesize with existing systems, giving employees access to familiar tools. This can lower training costs, decrease ramp-up time, and limit user frustrations, resulting in greater user adoption which is one of the primary keys to a CRM deployment success.

Leverage Organization and Personnel Level Workflows

  • Extensible and custom workflow
  • Business Logic Extensions: event-based plugins with pre- and post-events on all platform executions
  • Client-side form events, enabling features like drop-down fields that auto-adjust with user selections

CRM Security: Protecting Data Management

Customizing and controlling data access to assigned personnel within an organization has never been simpler. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce provides comprehensive CRM security models based on roles and need-to-know levels so you can easily customize and control access to data by job roles, and task needs. CRM Security Features include:

  • Integrated security via single sign-on, or Live ID
  • Role-based security settings for easier management
  • Custom-added entities work within security model, just like entities shipped in the box
  • Sharing/delegation for objects/records, to individuals or teams
  • Direct access to data via filtered SQL views that automatically determine user roles and privileges, and only return data they have been granted access to.

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