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At ASCENTREN, Our Team of Dynamics CRM Consultants offer expert consulting and development services where resources, processes and technology work seamlessly together. Our team has software expertise and business knowledge gained from decades of deploying CRM systems across a wide range of businesses and industries - offering insights into customization, application compatibility and integration.

Certified CRM Consultants

A successful CRM system roll out and full user adoption can be achieved if you identify goals, processes and user needs early in the planning stage. Our Certified CRM Consultants and developers work with your team to identify your short and long term goals, and critical processes, in order to develop a CRM solution which meets your specific needs.

We deliver critical implementation phases when you need them, with future phases deployed when you are ready. Our development team offers professionalism and value with every deliverable, and in every project phase. Contact us for a free initial assessment and demo.

User Adoption

Research shows poor user adoption of a new CRM system is a major contributor to project failure about 50% of the time. Our clients aren’t just looking for software, they want a consulting partner who can design and deploy a solution that their staff will embrace. User adoption is a central focus in our system design, and one of the top benefits you gain from engaging us as your implementation partner.

Successful Deployment

With years of successful CRM deployments under our belts, we use proven methods and guide you away from common implementation pitfalls to help your organization leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM CE for Marketing, Sales & Service.

Our CRM Consultants are problem solvers with a passion for innovation and collaboration. Our CRM consulting services help businesses achieve project success. Drawing on best practices and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses, we offer valuable insights as part of our CRM consulting and development services… and help you put those insights into action.

Customer Engagement

In a complex business environment, the ability to deliver a great customer experience can be a stand-out differentiator. Leading organizations master the ability to offer relevant customer engagement paths, designed to create opportunities for growth and tailored to different consumer segments. Our consulting group helps clients identify marketing, sales and customer service capabilities needed to achieve performance. We enable businesses to acquire these capabilities quickly and cost-effectively, and operationalize them to achieve results.

Let us work with you to develop a plan for an integrated CRM solution. As certified CRM consultants, we are qualified to help you implement a custom and affordable CRM system, including Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Power Platform.

Initial consultation and demo at no cost to you.

Call us toll free (888) 672-7648 or click below to use our contact form.

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