CRM Cloud Services

Cloud-Based Systems for Managing Customer Relationships and Data

Cloud services has become the new standard for software delivery in most industries, offering many benefits. Some of the key benefits are lower costs, higher speed and easy accessibility.

As early adopters of cloud architecture, Microsoft's Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform are both cloud-based systems. Each platform offers distinct advantages and affordable pricing. Our team, with years of experience developing and implementing CRM projects, can provide guidance about which solution is the best fit, and will deliver the best results, for your business or organization.

Microsoft App Suites

Modular Availability. Easily Integrated. Affordable Licensing.

As early adopters of cloud architecture, Microsoft developed cloud-based versions of Dynamics 365 , Power Platform and Office 365. Each app suite offers specific business operations functionality. In addition to offering intuitive interfaces with modular availability, Microsoft app suites can be easily integrated and offer several distinct advantages with affordable licensing options.

With years of experience developing and implementing Microsoft CRM projects, the ASCENTREN team can provide guidance about which solutions are the best fit, and will deliver the best results, for your business or organization.

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Cloud Platform Challenges

Seamless integration can be achieved with the right team.

One of the biggest challenges with a cloud platform is getting separate applications to work seamlessly together. ASCENTREN is experienced at evaluating compatibility, functionality, and issues surrounding system integrations. As part of your team, we can help you leverage the strengths of a cloud platform and achieve a successful integration.

Key Cloud-based CRM benefits are:

  • Seamless. 24/7 accessibility from anywhere, on any device – be it desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, or tablet.
  • Affordable. Requires no hardware to purchase and no server or software maintenance.
  • Reliable. Every component has multiple redundancies in the Cloud so up-time is 99.99%
  • Secure. High data protection, advanced automated back-up policies, clear data recovery plans, two-step authentication.
  • Scalable. Adaptable to changing needs and requirements.

Every organization has its own way of doing business. Our business knowledge and extensive CRM expertise enables us to assess and offer recommendations on which cloud-based CRM system best aligns with your company’s needs.

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