CRM Training & Support

CRM Training & Support for Users

User adoption of a CRM system is highly dependent on the user's perception that the system will make their job easier. If they don't use the system, there is an increased risk that the CRM implementation will fail. User training and support is therefore a critical component of CRM implementation success.

Once a CRM system has been developed, tested and launched, end-users must be trained to use the system. Industry research suggests that about half the time a CRM implementation fails it is because of slow or poor user adoption. The key to getting users to use the system is to help them become comfortable interacting with the system as intended. ASCENTREN offers multiple CRM training and support options to overcome user adoption obstacles to achieve CRM project success.

“…50% of the time a CRM system’s implementation stalls or fails, it is because of poor user adoption.”

On-site or Online

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM user training services are custom designed for each client. Options include instructor-led hands-on classes online or on-site. CRM training programs are most effective when they are custom designed for an organization. If you want to maximize your CRM system investment, there’s no better way to do this than giving your staff the skills and training they need to use the CRM system to its fullest extent. Clients who invest in training consistently report > 80% higher ROI on their investment.

In addition to teaching the official Microsoft CRM courses, we’ve designed specialized training to maximize the user experience and ease the learning curve.

Administrator Training

With each Dynamics CRM implementation, our clients have the option of having us train an internal CRM administrator. This individual should be a “power user” who understands the needs of the end-users; has an understanding of software, and has an ability to train others. The administrator, once trained, will be able to maintain your CRM system, re-configure it based on your needs, and offer training or support to your internal end-users.

Knowledge Base Access

Every day we solve many of our clients’ issues. Many of these questions are repeated. We offer client’s access to our knowledge base so they have the option to find solutions to issues very quickly through a search.

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