Office 365

Device Interconnectivity, consistent access

Does your staff need access to Office productivity apps and CRM from any device whether working in the office, remotely, on the road or in the field? Do you use a PC, laptop, Mac or MacBook, tablet, cell phone, other mobile device... or a combination of all of these?

In most organizations, people work across a variety of devices from different locations. This has become especially true in recent times. Office 365 gives you cloud access to the Microsoft business productivity apps you need so you can work from anywhere. Files and settings are synced from one device to the next, creating connections, consistency, reliability and flexibility for your entire team.

If you use Dynamics 365 CRM, there are advantages to integrating Office 365 with CRM. Given that Dynamics and Office 365 are part of the Microsoft suite of applications, Office 365 can be easily integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM. In addition, Microsoft introduced Power Platform to enable your team to automate processes, create apps and integrate data sources for the ultimate in operational efficiency and streamlined business processes.

Office 365 Benefits

My Documents

Office 365 apps help you stay productive and act on inspiration when and where you need it. You’ll get the familiar Office experience on the devices you use the most, to create presentations, media and business documents with confidence.

Work Together, Seamlessly

Do your best work together with Office 365 with access to files through OneDrive for Business. Office 365 delivers the tools you need to get work done, wherever you like to work.

Free Teams to Work Anywhere

Embrace the freedom to work the way that’s best for both teams and individuals. Today’s business users want more intuitive technology, uninterrupted services, and the freedom to work when and where they need to. Office 365 helps take location out of the equation so that your employees can be more productive while experiencing a better work-life balance.

Connect Resources for Productivity

Office 365 keeps resources connected to one another, including people, documents and data. Intuitive tools for online meetings and communications, file storage, file sharing, and team collaboration make it easy to connect and collaborate with colleagues whenever, wherever.

ASCENTREN'S Office 365 Services

Office 365 Implementation Services

  • As with CRM, the same full-scope deployment planning applies to Office 365 so you can avoid costly mistakes.
  • Access can be delivered on multiple devices with proper connection of PC, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Keep data safe at all times with security, privacy, management, and administration of your environment.
  • By using our migration services you will have certainty of the integrity and completeness of data.
  • With collaboration services designed to leverage internal and external social tools you can create community and connection.
  • A healthy ROI and sustained use is assured with post-implementation support.

Office 365 Integration Services

  • When ASCENTREN leads the implementation of your customized CRM system it is designed to work seamlessly with Office 365.
  • Maximize productivity by giving stakeholders access to time-saving, decision-driving tools that make their jobs easier—and their decisions smarter.
  • Reduce time to usage and improve productivity even faster with tools already familiar to your team.
  • Easily share information across teams, units, and organizations, from local offices to global enterprises.
  • Access information anywhere, at any time with cloud-based information and applications.

As Microsoft Certified Consultants, ASCENTREN can implement and integrate Office 365 with CRM to make it simpler to manage business-class email and calendaring, coordinate online meetings and conferencing, and more easily share files. This allows users to leverage valuable data collected in the CRM system and effectively use it by sending, sharing, and coordinating with business associates.

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