Our CRM Consulting & Development Team

Team of CRM Consultants & Developers, Decades of Combined Experience

At ASCENTREN, we believe in teamwork. Our team members have decades of combined experience in Dynamics CRM consulting, software development, platform architecture, application design, CRM customizations, project planning & implementation, data migration, integration, and Power Platform consulting and configuration.



With over 40 CRM implementations, Emad has expertise in successfully guiding many companies to a successful CRM implementation. Emad’s understanding of the dynamics within companies’ sales, marketing, and service teams and Dynamics 365 CE’s capabilities enables him to implement a wide range of solutions that deliver precisely what the client requests. Emad has specialized in rescuing projects that other implementation partners have mis-implemented. Emad has assembled a world-class team to deliver on the promise of quality and excellence in a CRM system.


Senior CRM Configurator

Brian is a senior CRM Microsoft Dynamics configurator with expertise in leading multiple groups and extensive experience in customization and configuration, custom dashboards, application configuration, and workflows. Brian has successfully implemented CRM implementations for enterprise and small companies. Brian's strengths include helping companies understand and develop their business requirements, adapting CRM systems to fit those requirements, and evangelizing the benefits of CRM systems to end-users to facilitate User Adoption. With Extensive SDLC experience.


Senior Migration & Integration Consultant

Bill, a senior Integration Consultant Bill, is a Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant with over 12 years of integration experience in Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Siebel, and other systems. Bill was previously employed by Scribe Software as the Lead Sr. Technical consultant; Scribe is one of the market leading migration/integration tools in the CRM space. Bill has been involved with over 80 integration/migration projects. He has worked on several multi-country CRM deployments while also integrating three ERP systems simultaneously. His experience brings a unique set of skills that will help you with your migration /integration needs.


Technical Architect

Nik is a senior technical architect with extensive development expertise that spans multiple technologies and languages ranging from Dynamics 365 to C#, Javascript, .NET, and a host of other languages. With over 35 years of development expertise. Nik has a wide range of skills covering CRM, Azure, web apps, .NET development, and highly complex solutions that deliver results. Nik has the ability to tackle development issues that most senior developers struggle with and come up with brilliant and business-ready solutions. Nik has worked on multiple large-scale enterprise Dynamics CRM implementations and understands scalability and large user-based system design. Follows all development best practices with strict code management and movement between environments.


CRM Customization Senior Developer

Posha is a senior technical consultant and integrator with over ten years of development expertise. Posha has a wide range of skills covering CRM, web apps, .NET development, and multiple integration tools such as Scribe and SSIS. Posha can tackle development issues from various angles and guide the team to the best technical solution that fits the clients’ needs. Posha has extensive experience in Dynamics CRM configuration and customization. Posha has also worked on sizeable large-scale enterprise CRM implementations and extensively mastered JavaScript and plugins used in Dynamics.


CRM Customization, Power Apps, Power BI

Justin is an expert-level CRM configurator with expertise in handling multiple challenging implementations with fantastic results. Justin has extensive experience in power Apps, customization, and configuration. Justin specializes in Power BI and custom dashboards and Flows. His strengths include helping individuals and teams overcome technical challenges as well as quickly resolving issues.


CRM Customization, Power Apps

Matt is an exceptional CRM configurator with expertise in tackling multiple implementations with outstanding results. Matt has tackled multiple projects that required complex calculations and delivered exact customer requirements. Matt has expertise in Microsoft Dynamics as well as C# and other web and programming languages. Matt is adept at cloud as well as on-premise development.

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