Dynamics 365 for Sales

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, designed specifically for sales pipeline management. Dynamics 365 for Sales brings customer relationships and activities to the surface for crystal clear transparency. Offering a flexible and robust CRM platform, Dynamics 365 for Sales is generally more cost-effective than other CRM systems.

How can ASCENTREN help with the development process?

As a long-term Microsoft Certified Partner, ASCENTREN has the depth of knowledge, experience and expertise needed to deliver exceptional development and implementation services. We prefer Microsoft CRM for our customers because of the breadth and quality of Microsoft product offerings along with technology reliability, security and a continuous committment to their products and partners.

With an extensive foundation in implementing CRM, our D-365 for Sales team can provide benefit-driven application development services.

Collaborative Partnerships

Our primary goal is to deliver measurable benefits through collaborative partnerships.

We work with clients to tailor and customize Dynamics 365 for Sales. Each client may start from a different point on the implementation path but we can swing at the ball no matter when you throw it. Don’t miss an opportunity to retain one of the most experienced CRM development partners in the industry. Contact us to see how a partnership with us will benefit your organization.

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Support For Sales Teams

With benefits for sales managers, representatives and support staff, Dynamics 365 for Sales helps teams track contacts, create marketing lists and campaigns, and manage service cases for specific accounts or leads. Tightly integrated with Office 365 apps, Dynamics 365 for Sales is easy to use and offers real-time analytics and predictive information based on historical data.

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