Comparing Cloud-Based CRM Systems is a cloud-based customer relationship management application. One of the biggest names in CRM, Salesforce offers native mobile apps that work on most popular devices, and is quick to deploy. When comparing CRM systems, Salesforce is usually on the consideration list. If you are currently using Salesforce CRM, you might wonder why some companies move from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamic 365 (CE), and whether or not you should stick with Salesforce.

When comparing cloud-based CRM system options, it can be helpful to know what functionality, features and benefits are available for each system you are exploring. It is recommended to take ample time to evaluate each system so you can ensure your eventual selection is a good fit for your business needs and budget. If you are short on time, or if you want the added benefits of working with an expert, consider hiring a qualified CRM consultant to manage your evaluation process.

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ASCENTREN has experience with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When exploring systems, we can help you compare benefits, costs and variables to determine which solution is more suitable for your organization, budget and scalability needs. You might find switching to a Microsoft platform delivers greater long-term cost savings and improved workflows.

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