Dynamics 365 CRM Security Model

authentication & role-based access

Protocols to control rights, privileges and restrictions for better data protection.

The convenience of online access to CRM comes with increased security risks associated with any online application. The Dynamics 365 CRM security model uses authentication methods and role-based data access protocols to help you protect privacy and data integrity.

Dynamics 365 CRM limits user access to appropriate levels of information required to perform a task or job. This security model enables you to assign user rights, privileges and restrictions based on roles, tasks, and responsibilities while allowing collaboration and data sharing when needed.

Dynamics 365 CRM Security:

  • Categorizes users by assigned roles and restricts access based on those roles.
  • Has record-based security with access rights to specific records.
  • Has field-level security which restricts specific fields to defined users or teams.
  • Combines role-based, record-level and field-level security to define overall user security rights.
  • Supports granting access for a specific collaboration, enabling you to control rights for team-sharing.

While Dynamics 365 CRM includes a set of predefined security roles, setting up custom roles to ensure privacy and data integrity can be complicated.

Dynamics 365 CRM CE Integration with Office 365

By integrating Office 365 with Dynamics 365 CRM you can enhance your team's collaborative experience. A simple integration, making the connection between business productivity apps and CRM can improve productivity, capture resource efficiency and boost performance. With role-based user access security, and options for Office 365 integration, the feature-rich Dynamics 365 CRM platform can be customized and extended to help you break through barriers which prevent you from achieving optimal business results.

** Full Office 365 feature integration with Dynamics 365 may require Enterprise level subscription(s) of Office 365. ASCENTREN can help you implement the right subscription and licensing levels with feature integration opportunities for your business or organization.

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Security Planning

Configuring Dynamics 365 security profiles and policies

As Certified Dynamics CRM Consultants, we are qualified to help you plan and implement a secure Dynamics 365 CRM solution. Avoid unintended security issues by customizing CRM security protocols and settings to meet the specific needs of user groups, and security policies. We can help you configure security to align with organizational policies or requirements, handling security setup and configuration.

With years of successful CRM deployments ASCENTREN will apply proven techniques to guide you away from common security misconceptions and help your business benefit from properly configured user security profiles and policies for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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