Dynamics CRM Details

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Module Features & Descriptions


Sales Module



Opportunity management

Convert leads to opportunities and track throughout the sales cycle with customizable workflow rules.

Sales process management

Use customizable workflow rules and selling methodologies to help ensure opportunities are tracked and closed consistently and efficiently.


Create accurate quotes using a full-featured product catalog that supports complex pricing levels, units of measure, and discounts.

Order management

Convert quotes to orders that can be modified and saved until they are ready to be billed as invoices.

Sales force management

Measure employee sales performance and credit opportunities against a salesperson’s quota as they are closed.

Sales literature

Create, manage, and distribute sales and marketing materials, including brochures, white papers, competitor information, and more.

Direct e-mail

Increase sales productivity by selecting customers based on common characteristics, then use templates to send customized e-mails with special offers.


Customer Service Module

Case management

Create, assign, and manage customer service requests for each case from a central location.

Complete view of customer information

View all customer information to better understand specific customer needs and answer account-related questions.

Automated routing and queuing

Use customizable workflow rules to automatically route service requests.

Auto-response e-mail

Use customizable templates and workflow rules to generate and send auto-response e-mails to customer requests.

E-mail management

Maintain an accurate record of customer communications with automated tracking of customer e-mails that associates e-mails with appropriate customer records.

Service scheduling

Manage and schedule even complex services with ease. Understand resource and equipment allocations, utilizations, and effectiveness.

Searchable knowledge base

Publish support articles and other relevant support information to a searchable knowledge base.

Service contracts

Create and maintain service contracts and update contract information automatically when a support case is resolved.


Marketing Module

Marketing campaigns

Plan marketing campaign strategy based on budgets and expenses, promotion codes, target products, marketing collateral, and more.

Create lists

Create and manage lists for specific campaigns or for future use by any campaign. Create lists using existing customer information or importing contact information from various sources into a single repository.

Qualify lists

Query lists to locate accounts that meet specific criteria.

Campaign templates

Create a campaign and re-use it as a template for future campaigns.

Campaign execution

Track campaign activities, import leads, convert leads to opportunities, view cost and performance data, and more.

Track marketing information

View campaign performance reports; assess campaign success based on opportunities, cost versus payoff, and other criteria; and analyze marketing results.

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