Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Feature/Productivity Enhancements

Outlook User's Guide

Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Outlook is a lightweight app you can use to view Microsoft Dynamics CRM information and track email from within Outlook. The CRM data appears right in your Outlook Inbox.

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With Dynamics CRM App for Outlook, you can:

  • Track incoming or outgoing email wherever you are, as long as you have access to a browser.
  • Track email or view CRM data from a desktop computer or phone.
  • Link an incoming or outgoing email record to an existing record in CRM. For example, you might want to link an email message to a specific account or opportunity.
  • Convert an email message into a new CRM record.
  • Open CRM records directly to find or enter more detailed information.

Create Excel and WORD Templates

Standardized documents are a cornerstone for business dealings—from quotes and contracts to work orders and invoices. Now you can automatically generate standardized documents from CRM data using Microsoft Office Word templates. Use Word templates to enhance productivity, reduce human error, and ensure consistent communication across the company.

If you find that you frequently create the same Microsoft Office Excel documents in CRM, you can use Excel templates to speed up document creation. For example, use a pre-formatted template to forecast sales, or to monitor sales and project cash flow (pipeline analysis). After a template is uploaded by a system administrator, it can be shared with team members.

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Mobile Features

View SharePoint documents in CRM for phones and tablets

If your organization has integrated SharePoint with CRM, you can now open your SharePoint documents from the mobile apps.

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Export data to Excel from CRM for phones and tablets

You can now export data to Excel from the mobile apps. After you’ve exported the data you want to work with, you can open it in the Excel app on your mobile device.

Email a link to a page from CRM for phones and tablets

Want to share information about a client with one of your colleagues while you’re out on the road? Email a link to a page.

Mobile apps now support Windows 10 and iOS 9

The mobile apps are now compatible with Windows 10 and iOS 9 for Apple iPhone and iPad.

The long awaited offline CRM apps enabling users to create, edit or delete data even when you don’t have service. The app will automatically sync to ensure all changes are updated in your live CRM system. Note: This feature will be available for CRM Online clients with 30 or more Enterprise or Pro user licenses.

When designing mobile / tablet forms and dashboards the new layout can be previewed directly within the web browser.

New Mobile UI Controls: New mobile optimized controls including sliders, calendar control and other interactive features that optimize CRM forms for mobile apps.

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