Truth about CRM Implementations

Exploring Reasons for CRM Project Failure

A study by a top CRM firm reveals that over 60% of CRM software projects fail. Other studies suggest failure rates might actually exceed 80%. These numbers are surprising; businesses launching CRM software initiatives should explore reasons for failure to improve their chances for success.

When failure is not an option, recognizing and mitigating the top causes of implementation failure can help you avoid the undesirable consequences of failing to achieve a successful CRM implementation.

CRM software implementations present challenges to even the most skilled of teams with the best intentions. CRM project failure is not only demoralizing but it wastes money, time and resources. By embracing strategies for a successful project, and mitigating risks that may lead to project failure, you can improve your chances of achieving a failure-free CRM implementation.

Several things can risk CRM project failure, including:

  1. Poor planning and/or lack of project management.
  2. Choosing software that can’t accommodate business needs.
  3. Haphazard deployment strategies or methods.
  4. Inadequate user training and failure to inspire user-adoption.
  5. Failure to properly convert CRM data, resulting in erroneous records.
  6. Choosing a consultant who lacks CRM expertise.
  7. Choosing a consultant who doesn’t understand your operation or business.

You can improve the odds of a pain-free CRM project experience by selecting an expert consultant who has a track record of guiding successful CRM deployments. An experienced consultant can help you plan, manage and execute your development project, deploy an optimal solution for your business, and migrate CRM data using best practices to minimize errors.

In addition to supporting a successful CRM software deployment, an experienced CRM consultant can demonstrate a user-friendly CRM solution that is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of users and support critical business processes, and foster strong user-adoption through effective training. Gaining buy-in from users is critical to the overall success of any CRM implementation project.

Get Expert Guidance

Involving a CRM Consultant with business knowledge and deep CRM experience on your project can help you avoid failure by guiding you away from risks and toward the best CRM solution for your business while engaging users to fully adopt the CRM system – which helps you lead your team to success.

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